Hydrosound Bathing Program



Do you have difficulties getting in and out of your bathtub? If so, the hydrosound bathing program is an option for you.

What is hydrosound? Simply stated, hydrosound uses ultrasonic energy in water to create millions of microscopic bubbles which vibrate and cause a massaging action called ‘microstreaming.’Hydrosound Bathing

This advanced technology is more effective than whirlpool action for improving blood circulation, relaxing muscles and rejuvenating skin without the noise of a hot tub!

  • The tub is equipped with a lift chair and a staff member is in attendance at all times.
  • Assistance for undressing and dressing is available.
  • Bathing supplies including towels, hypo-allergenic shampoo and soap are provided.
  • Bathing appointments are booked in advance and each appointment is 45 minutes long.

 $10.00 per bath

For more information please call 778-328-2302 local 4

Please note a $5.00 cancellation fee will apply without 24 hour notice.